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My name is Dr. Jeffy Jeremy and I'm YOUR online physician. Online medicine is great way to seek treatment for minor ailments that might not require an "in-person doctor visit". I'm currently researching newly discovered ailments including: Maddenitis, Borderlandsotchulism, Gearstrointestinal disorders, and many more. Who wants to drive -- or worse yet, take the bus -- to the doctor's office for a simpl case of Zeldamycosis or Callofdutheria? Not me! Log on to the internet and see your internet physician -- Dr. Jeffy Jeremy!

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I am always researching the latest in medical advancements so I can be the best online physician on the internet today.  photo 65186969-handsome-old-doctor-in-white-medical-coat-and-eyeglasses-is-using-a-laptop-making-notes-and-smiling-_zpsjq3zyvuu.jpg

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Like any in-person doctoer, I like to work and AND PLAY HARD! Here are a few of my interests:

PErsonal Interests